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Thanks for stopping by our blog. If you’re looking for more information about FocalPoint Business Coaching, you’ve come to the right place.

About FocalPoint Business Coaching

FocalPoint Business Coaching is a business performance coaching initiative focused on assisting business leaders in all industries and sizes to achieve the results and satisfaction they are striving to get from their businesses. Generally, I conduct face-to-face sessions. However, coaching can be conducted over any medium where effective communication can be achieved.

I set up my business in 2008, after thirty years in the corporate hi-tech segment. Over the last fourteen years, I have accumulated over 12,500 hours of business performance coaching, a majority of which has been one-on-one with my clients. Over that time, many of my clients have achieved record performance in their business or department.

Business Performance coaching is a growing and evolving market. Business leaders and entrepreneurs of all sizes are realizing that engaging a third party to support them is a strength and not a weakness. My business is continuously focusing on new trends in business performance management as well as introducing leadership and sales training programs every year. In addition, I have the capability of developing customized programs that address the specific needs of any client.

I serve the entire Canadian market. However, the primary market that I focus on is Calgary, Alberta.

The FocalPoint Business Coaching Difference

At FocalPoint Business Coaching, the most important characteristic I look for in a client is the passion they have for their own business to grow and change. They have experience success but not to the extent that they are satisfied. Their hope in hiring me would be that I would take them to that next level of success as they would recognize they can’t get there on their own - and that’s okay.

I have consistently committed to my clients that I will be a virtual part of their business. While we formally meet on a weekly basis, my clients know they can count on me when they need me. They don’t need to wait until our next meeting if they need to be coached to address a situation before then.

Aspects that make me second to none are my coaching skills, business acumen and experience, and ability to keep clients accountable to themselves, their business, and their goals.

One of my biggest achievements has been I have retained and continued to retain clients for several years. This speaks to my ability to have those clients set specific goals for their businesses as well as personally. We have been successful in setting sales, income, and time management records continuously, regardless of industry or size of business.

I have also been awarded the Business Coach of the Year and The Business Practice of the Year Award with FocalPoint Business Coaching.

My dream for the future is to earn the reputation of being the best business coach to engage when pursuing new levels of success or looking to achieve your goals.

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